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At Advantage Electric, we specialize in Electrical Service Panel Upgrades for residential and commercial properties in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. A Service Upgrade refers to the electrical panel that controls the main flow of electricity in your home or building. For many considering EV chargers and electric appliances—or even saunas, hot tubs, additions, garage wiring, etc…you can run into challenges related to their electric service.Whether you need to upgrade an outdated panel or require more power with a 200 Amp Panel upgrade from a 100 Amp or 150 Amp, we have you covered.

Why Choose a Service Panel Upgrade?

  1. Improve Safety: An old and unsafe panel that is out of production can pose significant risks. Our upgrades ensure breaker protection and comply with all safety codes.
  2. Enhance Capacity: If you are experiencing insufficient breaker space or amperage capacity, we can upgrade your panel to accommodate your current and future electrical needs.
  3. Panel Consolidation: We offer panel consolidation services, transforming multiple panels and tangled wiring into a single, safe, and secure panel setup.
  4. Code Compliance: Our service upgrades meet all code requirements, including the installation of disconnects, surge protectors, and more.
  5. Overhead to Underground Conversions: We can remove unsightly overhead power lines and place them underground to comply with code requirements for hot tubs, pools, spas, and improve aesthetics and reliability.

When Do You Need a Service Panel Upgrade?

  1. Average Lifespan: The average lifespan of an electrical service is 40-50 years. If your panel is showing signs of degradation due to heat, magnetism, oxidization, or weather influences, it’s time to consider an upgrade.
  2. Insufficient Breaker Space: When you run out of space for adding new breakers and lines, it’s a clear indication that you need a service upgrade.
  3. Insufficient Capacity: If you are adding new appliances, a hot tub, sauna, new addition, garage wiring or planning to install an EV car you may need more amperage capacity and so a service upgrade becomes necessary.

Code Requirements for Service Upgrades:

  1. Disconnect: Our service upgrades include proper disconnect installations for safety and compliance.
  2. Surge Protector: Protect your electrical system from transient voltage with whole-house surge protectors.
  3. Panel Location: We ensure that your electrical panel is located in a proper and safe place, avoiding bathrooms, closets, staircases, and other unsuitable areas.
  4. Overhead Clearances: Overhead service wires are installed with appropriate clearances to avoid obstacles like doors, driveways, alleys, pools, and hot tubs.
  5. Grounding and Bonding: We provide primary and secondary grounding electrode conductors for lightning dissipation and intersystem bonding for low voltage utilities.

If you are in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, and need a reliable electrical panel upgrade service, trust Advantage Electric. From safety enhancements and code compliance to increasing capacity and improving aesthetics, our expert team can handle all your electrical service upgrade needs. Contact us today for a consultation and get your property up to code with our top-notch service upgrades.

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